Too many words!!!

I am so sick of blogging!!!

But I have so much more to write hahaha

Bar Masa

Masa, the 600USD restaurant. Insanely expensive, so much so that I really didn’t want to fork out the money for it. However, while staking out Per Se, I noticed that they had what appeared to be a bar section. Turns out they accept walk ins here, and so I decided to hedge my bets. I’d come here, and spend less money than if I went to Masa itself. My goal was 300 – 400USD.

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The New York Dream – Part 6 – You’re on an island, but you’re not stuck on it

Day 22 – 25/04/2019

With only two days left of my trip, it was time to decide how to finish up. I already knew what I’d do on my last day, but first, it was time to find breakfast. It was time to try for the maple cruller again, because why not! This time I got up early and headed over to Daily Provisions, and lo and behold, a maple cruller in its oil soaked glory! The waitstaff even recognised me from a couple of days earlier!

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Eleven Madison Park (bar)

Yeah. I’m crazy. Crazy for this place, and crazy in general. I can’t explain why I love Eleven Madison Park so much, it’s just one of those things I guess! But after my first visit, the seasons changed. Seasons changing meant winter to spring, to ramps, and to snails!! Minty snails!!! Yes?!?!

Yeah, I came here just for the snails. But I got so much more than that!

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Momofuku Ko (bar)

Originally I was going to incorporate Momofuku Ko into my normal posts, but considering that Ko is a big name/high end restaurant, it’s getting its own post! I didn’t actually dine in the restaurant, but rather, took a seat at their bar for some grub.

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