Reine’s hospital adventures… again!

When it rains, it pours. I thought I had my one hospital visit, when something much smaller but really annoying decided to happen. I had some sort of pimple-like thing right under my right eyebrow, and I didn’t think too much of it at the time, until after a day or two it made my whole eyelid red. I still figured it’d just heal, so I didn’t do anything until a week later it didn’t get any better and instead, started to swell.

After a visit the doctor, I wasn’t any closure to knowing how long it would take for the lump to go away. All the doc figured was that it was probably some sort of cyst, and I was prescribed antibiotics.

A few days passed, and the condition got worse, and I wasn’t able to open my eye properly, especially in the mornings. Eventually everyone at work became super concerned too, and after a doctor friend took a look, she recommended that I go straight to the hospital.

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Serendipitous cafe encounters

I go to a lot of cafes. A lot. But in all my visits, today is only the second time I’ve had a significant interaction with a complete stranger – the first time was in Adelaide meeting a bona fide snob. Fleeting encounters are plentiful, such as butting into a conversation about the cost of stainless steel straws and handmade metal spoons, but ones where I actually seem to hold a two sided conversation with someone I’ve never met before, are few and far between.

Today, at a cafe that had only been open for a couple of weeks, I decided, against my better judgement, that instead of going through a caffeine withdrawal phase, I’d get my usual trio of coffees. It just happened to be a very busy period at the cafe, so I popped myself on one of the communal tables. The seat I’d happened to choose had taken me past a person who sat at the end of the table, notebook and pens out, a book, as well as a very vintage looking camera. It was all going as per my normal cafe ritual of playing on my phone, and receiving my many coffees in quick succession, then taking pictures of them. I’m pretty sure the guy looked at me as soon as I started snapping away, but didn’t yet engage in conversation. After the photos, I began sipping away at my espresso. It wasn’t until I unexpectedly spotted a nice setup for one of my coffees, at the same time that the cafe staff was replacing a bottle of water for the table, leading to an awkward moment where the staff paused to allow me to take my photo, and me excusing myself for making a nuisance of myself having rearranged things on the table, that this fellow offered me his camera.

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Tiny’s Bar

It’s been a while since I’ve visited a new restaurant on the block, and since my mid-year plans had changed quite suddenly, I decided I’d have the budget to be able to check out a new powerhouse created by some big name people.

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Reine’s Xmas 2017 cooking

Because I realised I still haven’t posted this. So here is the cooking I did during Christmas in 2017. Played a lot with my live marron, whose names were Tiffany and Jake, and Jake was the feistier one.

Mainly just a photodump now since it’s too late to actually write about it lol

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Saint Peter

At last, my first dinner visit to Saint Peter. I really really loved the brunch that I had, so I was eager to have some of the other seafood delights only available on the night menu.

Unfortunately, I totally forgot to take a picture of the menu, which means much of the detail – especially the fish type and where it comes from – has been lost to time. Oh well, I still have pretty pictures and descriptions of the food!

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