All the things

I eat all the things

I am scared by all the things

I run away from all the things

I laugh at all the things

I am confused by all the things

I break all the things

I fail all the things

Infinity all the things


Smoked trout bagel

Also, this whole blog thing is only half done!

However I went to Single Origin Roasters (because I could), spent way too much on a smoked trout bagel. I asked for a smoked trout bagel, and thought I was going to get a smoked trout bagel in a brown paper bag. Instead, THIS IS WHAT THEY GAVE ME:

An amazing smoked trout on really awesome bagel with side salad IN A BOX IN A BROWN PAPER BAG.

Made me super happy.

<3 Single Origin lol

Hey look a post!

My head hurts from playing with this :(