WTB phone that defends marines in SC



I will use the voice to text to plan out my gaming! Totally! Yeah!

In all srsness I would like this phone with its ice cream sand witchy goodness.


I also got a new headset and I think it’s this one, but I’m a bad so I wouldn’t know. It’s very comfortable and apparently my voice sounds more like me now :)

Last of all…

Happy Lab opened in Westfield Sydney! I totally went crazy since it’s all science-y sugary goodness. Bought random ones where I liked the flask shapes and flavours. Wheeee!


I am so lucky….

That lamb cutlets are tender :D I was freaking out, worried that I had overcooked them. It also didn’t help that I had three cutlets, and all were different thicknesses.  But they are suuuuper delicious and nice.

I still can’t get over the fact that handmade butter tastes weird.

I had some pepper and red wine beef sausages yesterday which were awesome. I was worried about undercooking them, but I think they ended up being just right.

I’ve been getting up earlier than usual to feed the cat, open windows/blinds and cook some breakfast. I had bacon and egg this morning. ON A WEEKDAY. That was amazing. This whole looking after myself thing is difficult in terms of what to eat every night, but I also realised just how expensive I am haha – lamb cutlets, gourmet sausages, colourful tomatoes, handmade butter,  nice leafy greens, etc. It would be… difficult staying healthy on a budget. It’s interesting that when having to feed myself, I really focus on what nutrients I am getting. Vegetables actually taste nice, but I’m getting sick of making the same salad three days in a row. At least my meat is varied. Carbs are also difficult as I’ve been stuck with a giant loaf of olive bread that I can’t finish by myself.

I’m thinking noodles tomorrow. Cold soba (or lukewarm) with soy sauce mushroom dip. Maybe.

The cat is funny. I give it food, it nibbles at it, then meows at me. Well, it’s always meowing at me. Always wanting nicer food or something. Apparently he’s very fussy. Next time I’ll just toss him a leaf.


Housekeeping a cat

I volunteered to look after a friend’s place while she goes overseas for a couple of weeks. Well the place will be OK. It’s mainly the cat that I’ll have to look after. Considering I’ve never looked after anything other than goldfish, I’m not sure how all this will turn out.

The best thing is that without any kind of budget restriction, I am feasting on all kinds of food. I get handmade butter (which actually tastes kind of off,  but considering I got shown a video of how butter is made, it IS made of off milk, so whatever XD) which is quite saltier than standard butter, and random artisan bread. I wanted some plain Sonoma sourdough, but they had run out, so I got some Brasserie olive sourdough instead.

I managed to somehow already spend about $100 on food… ugh. Some tomato mix, some Charlie’s juices, soy milk, yoghurt, tinned oysters in bbq sauce… and I still haven’t bought ice cream and cheese yet!

Turns out trying to control a cat is hard. I give it cat food, and when I started eating, it wanted my food! Its claws hurt even when it’s not even trying to touch me :( lol

It’s going to be a fun two and a bit weeks. Wheeeee!

Mac KC

Today while getting breakfast from one of many cafes I visit, I noticed that someone had ordered a coffee… with a mini Keep Cup!

It was a tiny, cute, black little thing, and now I have decided I want one, and will call it my Mac KC, short for Macchiato Keep Cup. I already have Toby KC, I donated Vella Nero KC to my mum, a Pattison KC, and iiKC. At once I considered starting an entire collection including Campos KC etc,  however I figured it’d be too expensive and rather useless. But a MINI one… now that’d be something I’d just have to get.

And if I ordered this over the internets,  it’d look like this:

But first, maybe, I will hunt for one. If I ever get around to running to the end of eternity. Yes………

Hilarious Bombay Bollywood Bum Burner

So today went out with work friends to dinner, since I pretty much never went to any outing except the half yearly ones. I had chosen an Indian restaurant that I’d see while on the train, which sold both savoury and sweet things. There was a lot of samosa, butter chicken and spicies! I also tried a spiced lemon drink which tasted like preserved prunes.

I had only half-planned the whole thing since I wasn’t sure of numbers, people don’t read their emails, etc. Very impromptu but we ended up with quite a few people and everyone enjoyed it  :)

The highlight of the dinner was certainly the bum burner that makes you smile!